A day in the life of a bike commuter, looking at cars that take over the bike/bus only lanes. I'm an advocate of the "Share the Road" program and would like to see police enforcement of the cars illegally driving in the bike/bus lanes.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bike Rage 6/26

So I've been learning more about myself as I attempt to make my way downtown during rush hour everyday, battling cars for space and avoiding potential crashes. And the process repeats itself as we all try to leave our federal jobs in mass exodus to get to our houses. I have a different form of road rage--I have bike rage.

All I want here is some police enforcement of the BIKE /BUS ONLY lanes in Chinatown (pictured above: 6/26/06). I have been passed on the right side by cars in this lane, and it is constantly blocked by rush hour traffic, forcing me to weave in and out of cars, and slowing the bus traffic. As an employee of the Department of Transportation, I can tell you that those lanes were created to make biking safer and to make public transportation move faster. When the public transportation moves faster, it becomes a more attractive option for commuters. When people make their decisions about which mode they will use to get to and from work, this is a major motivator--time.

This is why I get bike rage at these cars that think that they own the road. So what am I going to do about it? First, I ride slowly in the middle of the lane unless a bus is coming. Second, I am going to start taking pictures of the cars that drive in the bike/bus lane, license plate and face, if possible. This will make my commute much longer as I stop to take out my camera every three seconds...but I think that I will find some sort of satisfaction. And I also hope to bring it to the attention of Washington, DC police who should be enforcing the law.

I can tell you I have had people yell and swear at me from their cars, but the bottom line is that they are not supposed to drive in those lanes. They are not turn lanes, they are not passing lanes. They are not for cars.


Blogger gwadzilla said...

I love your blog....

it is a bit repetitive
much like my blog

my blog changes with the seasons

but it tend to be the same thing over and over again

which is no different than life

Thursday, 19 October, 2006


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