A day in the life of a bike commuter, looking at cars that take over the bike/bus only lanes. I'm an advocate of the "Share the Road" program and would like to see police enforcement of the cars illegally driving in the bike/bus lanes.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tuesday 6/27

So I meant to start bringing my digital camera with me on my ride, but I forgot yesterday. So you will have to settle for my camera phone. It was ridiculous yesterday! There was actually one part of 7th street that had been converted into 3 lanes of cars, when in actuality they are only supposed to have ONE lane! I didn't get a great picture of it because of the FedEx truck (in the bike lane) and the people in the crosswalk.


Blogger Lindsay said...

I should point out that the intersection in the upper picture doesn't even have a right turn option, so none of these cars are turning right!

Thursday, 06 July, 2006


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