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Monday, October 01, 2007

Chicago Critical Mass: Come join the circus!

So I've done every Critical Mass ride in Chicago since I bought my bike, sometimes with a big group, but also by myself. It's always an interesting experience, but I am torn about it's usefulness in promoting bicycling awareness in the city.

It is a circus parade. Literally, there was a clown juggling last friday. Don't get me wrong...Unlike some people, I have no problem with clowns. What bothers me is the simple-minded, anarchist-loving, ultra-cool and drunk hipster crowd that gives off the "F*CK YOU" attitude to anyone and everyone in a car. That is really not going to help our biking cause! Spurring animosity is no way to get what you want. But I guess what I want is different from what they want. Damn it! Join my cause! I actually heard someone yell, "F*ck the government!" And another guy was encouraging people to hit a police officer on foot with their bikes. I'm sure that the police officer has a new-found love for bicyclists and now wants to ticket cars parked in bike lanes and look out for our safety. Yeah, right.

And the other thing that I have problems with is when the Mass spends too much time in the Loop. It's one thing to make your presence felt, its another to create gridlock for miles...All those cars idling are getting 0 mpg and polluting the f*ck out of our city. We're causing that pollution.

The CM rides I've enjoyed the most were mostly riding through neighborhoods without a lot of traffic, where little kids come running out to give you high fives and yell, "Happy Friday!" right back at you, like this picture:

My two cents. Comments?

I'll post more pictures. The trip to Berwyn was the best!

10th Anniversary Ride (September):


Anonymous Mario / DC / Boston said...

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Thursday, 18 October, 2007

Blogger Lindsay said...

Last night my friend was hit by an SUV that blew a stop sign! Luckily, he's ok. He rolled right off the hood! And the worst part...it was a hit-and-run! The guy didn't even check to see if he was ok.

Nevertheless, I will still be participating tomorrow in the most circus-y of all Masses--Halloween CM.

But perhaps we can reach out to people to curb the violence and mob insanity; try to keep it light-hearted.

Thursday, 25 October, 2007

Blogger Lindsay said...

MARIO / DC / BOSTON posted this and I accidentally deleted it! Sorry!

Lindsay - Good to see you keeping the flame in Chicago. I noticed what you're seeing years ago in Boston CM rides. A bunch of punks using the bicycle as an excuse for violence. This is why I stopped going, and I'd be happy to see them end. The CM home page had videos of violence in Austin, as well.

All this does is justify the actions of cyclist-murderers in SUVs. Unfortunately, the CM rule that "There are no leaders in CM" allows it, and prevents a solution short of violence towards the unruly punks, which then leads to more. It's a shame.

Thursday, 18 October, 2007

Thursday, 25 October, 2007

Anonymous Mario in Boston said...

Deleted? That's OK - I seem to be getting alot of rejection from women these days - join the club.

I am honestly sorry to hear about your friend. At least he's alive. For what it's worth, in Chicago years ago, there was another cyclist hit by an SUV that then proceeded to run the cyclist completely over. The cyclist died, but not before ripping the license plate off the front, and hiding it in his jacket. It was used to eventually convict the driver.

I just found this link on the DC Commuter Blog - reflective tires which would help when crossing intersections, somewhat like your friend. I may try the Halloween CM in Boston. Keep safe.


Thursday, 01 November, 2007


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