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Friday, October 20, 2006

Crosswalk design considerations

So yesterday, as I slowed down in the bike lane behind a long line of cars, so as to maneuver between them better, I started thinking about this problem of cars driving in the bike lane and the general traffic congestion. At I got closer to the arch in Chinatown, it dawned on me...

We need to improve the pedestrian crossing if we want to avoid this particular bottleneck at the entrance to the Chinatown metro stop. Due to such heavy pedestrian traffic, it is impossible for these cars and buses to turn left or right at this intersection until the light has turned yellow...or red. So all the other cars are scrambling to get around the stopped traffic, or waiting their turn in line and that's why we have such a problem in this section of the road.

One solution might be to intall a new system and re-paint the crosswalk to convert it to a light that has a four-way stop where pedestrians can cross in all directions--even diagonally. And when the cars have a green light, pedestrians cannot cross. San Diego has a couple of these intersections. It's the only city I can think of off the top of my head, but I'm sure there are others. Here is a mediocre picture...

In this picture, you can see the sign that says Diagonal Crossing is OK:


Blogger gwadzilla said...

traffic calming....

watch this video-


from here


share this video
think about this video
then share it again

be careful
inside and outside the car

Monday, 23 October, 2006

Blogger gwadzilla said...

your videos are awesome....

I rode down that stretch of road several times this weekend

it made me laugh each time a car did what it normally does
ignoring the markings on the pavement
pushing me out of the way

here is a link to a gwadzilla archive where I tried to find some road signs that may be more effective than the pedestrian crossing


and yes

the four way red light seems like a no brainer

talk to your D Dot folks down the hall

make it happen

Monday, 23 October, 2006

Blogger gwadzilla said...


Wednesday, 25 October, 2006


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